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Raeneil Inocencio
4 min readJun 25, 2021

My Ideal Wallet

Many pockets, that’s my ideal wallet. I’m the kind of person who usually doesn’t bring bags, so everything I needed is expected to keep inside my wallet. I have the habit of putting things inside my wallet whenever I saw something I think is unique. Also, my ideal wallet is the one that has a particular tracker because I can always forget where I put my things, and I think having a tracker can help me to secure my items.

Interview and Digging Deeper

Khristine’s Ideal Wallet based on the interview

I interviewed my block mate Khristine and above is her ideal wallet. Her ideal wallet is a simple and common type of wallet which contained pockets for cards, coins, and id. The wallet is also made from embroidery and has a paw print design, which she likes dogs and thinks is pretty. I noticed on her wallet the paw print design; knowing what it means or the story behind it, she explained that her dogs inspire her ideal wallet. She wants to dedicate and commemorate her memories with her dogs, who passed away with her ideal wallet.

Goals and Insights

Point of View

Idea Generation (Radical Ways)

Solution and Feedback

New Solution

Based on the feedback, other features and design were remained the same. There would be an additional design which is to:


What Worked?

The designs and features of the wallet reflect what personality Khristine has. It resembles the ideal concept of Khristine’s wallet. It also shows what kind of relationship she has with her dogs, just like what Khristine said that it’s not the design that matters but the meaning why you choose that kind of concept and idea.

What could be improved?

The organization of the interior and exterior design


Khristine asked if the security keychains is to heavy for the wallet


Before personalizing her security keychain, I consider the possible obstacles she might encounter, so I choose to use lightweight things such as mini items that she can still use as protection.

Assessment of the Design Process

  1. How did talking to your interviewee inform/influence your design?

Knowing the thought and the story behind it allows me to understand what I will be making and why I am making it. It helps me envision her ideal wallet and guides me to create precisely my interviewee thinking. Especially my interviewee’s ideal wallet is dedicated to her three dogs who passed away; the emotional release gives me the urge to create it. On the other hand, it gives me the sign to be sensitive and be careful of the designs.

2. How did testing and getting feedback impact your final design?

I always want to have feedback on my work because it allows me to expand my room for improvement. In addition, the feedback given by my interviewee plays a vital role in creating her ideal wallet because it is my sign if I’m still on the right track of my work.

3. What was the most challenging part of the process for you?

The most challenging part of the process is the design itself of the exterior. My interviewee wants a simple design on her ideal wallet and in addition it is dedicated to her dogs who passed away so I have to be careful of the designs. I make sure I will put the right designs that will not offend and overwhelm her.



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