Citizen Journalism: Power to the People

Raeneil Inocencio
2 min readFeb 1, 2021

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“Citizen journalism and this technology has inserted a new layer of accountability into our world” — Paul Lewis

The rise of modern technology has significantly contributed a lot in collecting, disseminating, and sharing information. Citizen Journalism can be considered as the root of revolution- the offspring of this evolution. We are now living in the age of smartphones, social platforms, and new technology but we are not just a consumer, we are now the new creators. Access to the liberalization of information allows us to share information and be aware of what is happening worldwide.

Paul Lewis’s talk about citizen journalism makes me more interested in being a great messenger of news and events. He talks about how powerful smartphones, phone pictures, and social media impact our society. These tools give us the liberty to share information and play the role of a journalist. Technology made it easier for people to access and to get involved. These tools can also be a piece of strong evidence to reveal the truth; it is a big help to solve cases and investigations.

He also urges that media accept that they don’t know everything and let people be their eyes and ears through technology. Citizen Journalism gives people a chance to participate in discovering facts and researching and investigating the truths. When people feel that they’re being heard, they will gain the confidence to share the truths they see; with just a few clicks, information is served.

Citizen Journalism is powerful to helped to uncover events yet dangerous. When it comes to information, it is vital to verify whether it is true. It is visible that misleading news is ubiquitous these days; that is why we need to learn how to fact — check the story and identify what accurate or fake information is. Misinformation does affect not only the people but also the society and media itself.

Citizen Journalism has become essential nowadays, especially in journalism and media; Paul Lewis TedxThessaloniki is a great help to know more about citizen journalism. Media should allow and recognize the power of the people, and the technology, acknowledge its ability to contribute to the information being put in the society.



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