Media Site Visits 101: Unveiling the World Behind the Scene

Raeneil Inocencio
3 min readJul 10, 2023


Stepping into the captivating world of media networks is like unlocking a door to an area filled with fascinating tales, innovative technologies, and limitless creativity.

Media site visit at PTV CAR and DZWT

Recently, I had an incredible opportunity to visit two prominent media networks here in Baguio City in preparation for an internship this upcoming academic year. Together with other incoming Ba Communication interns, we gained a deeper grasp of the industry’s inner workings through this eye-opening moment, which gave us a peek at the magic behind the screens and embarked on a memorable expedition, entering the core of a bustling media network. I invite you to join us in this article as we reminisce about the captivating moments and vibrant atmosphere that marked off our immersive experience with these media powerhouses.

First stop, MPBC DWZT Kumpletos Rekados with your Kumareng Rosa!

We were immersed in an exciting atmosphere as soon as we entered the radio station. The energy of dedicated people working to produce fascinating content bloomed in the air. We have been given the opportunity to participate and feature in their live program entitled Kumpletos Rekados. We got to promote our program and share our experiences as a Ba Communication student. The opportunity to speak with industry professionals who kindly shared their knowledge and experiences during the site visit was a priceless tour aspect. It felt like we had stepped into a realm where creativity and innovation coexisted harmoniously.

snap shots inside DZWT

Next stop, PTV CAR!

Our journey continues with a tour to the heart of the network — the bustling newsroom of PTV CAR. As soon as we entered, there was a buzz of activity. Passionately tapping away at their keyboards, journalists absorbed and disseminated news to millions. The sound of ringing phones, reporters discussing breaking news, and the hum of live feeds from strategically positioned monitors filled the space. We had a quick review of the history of the media network. After that, we witnessed the hustle and bustle of a live newsroom, where reporters enthusiastically reported breaking news reports.

groufie together other Ba Comm upcoming interns

The visit to the media networks was a memorable one that expanded our knowledge of the workings of the media industry. From the lively atmosphere to the busy newsroom, from the technological wonders to the creative studios, we saw firsthand the commitment, inventiveness, and teamwork that characterize this fascinating world. We deeply respect the skill and passion that define the media landscape as we reflect on this life-changing experience. We leave with a renewed feeling of purpose and an unyielding commitment to contribute to this dynamic field of storytelling after being inspired by our interactions and immersed in the rich sights and experiences.



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