She from 1975


The aroma of the attic blooms free
Books,roses,photographs,stamps; all are here
The fragrances of the roses for thee
A pond, now a mere, flows brisk, like a tear

The atmosphere of hers reminds your heart
Her stroke of grace, shall forget you not
My love, one of those few, my gorgeous art
No, never. My fair roses will not rot

Your swift fingers on the piano, daring
The rhymes,the meter, all are splendid
Your face is like music, truly soaring
Graceful movements, yet are more like placid

For I hope your love last, for centuries
Memory forever rings; symphonies



Raeneil Inocencio

“Using Voice and Pen to Transform Society” Comm Arts Student / Content Writer / An Ambitious writer of Empowerment Articles and Literary Works